Titel Musik Text Arrangement/Transkription
224, I have nothing else to bring, you know Eric Bosio Emily Dickinson Eric Bosio
Die Gedanken sind frei Volkslied Oliver Gies
Dobbins flowery vale Irish tradional Matti Kallio / Matthias E. Becker
Don't give up Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Jens Johansen
Here's to Life Artie Butler Phyllis Molinary Line Groth
I can't believe, you're in love with me Clarence Gaskill Jimmy McHugh Darmon Meader
I could write a book Rodger,Richard Lorenz Hart Darmon Meader
In my life Lennon/McCartney Lennon/McCartney Darmon Meader
Iridis Erik Bosio Erik Bosio Erik Bosio
It don't mean a thing Mills/Ellington Mills/Ellington Anders Edenroth
Just friends John Klenner Samual M. Lewis Matthias E. Becker
Kiss from a rose Seal Seal Matthias E. Becker
Nouse lauluni Traditional Soila Sariola
September M.White, Al McKay, A.Williams M.White, Al McKay, A.Williams Martin Carbow
Stoned soul picnic Laury Nyro Laury Nyro Darmon Meader
Virtual Insanity W.Buchanan, S.Katz, J.Kay, D.McKenzie, T.Smith, S.Zender W.Buchanan, S.Katz, J.Kay, D.McKenzie, T.Smith, S.Zender Kerry Marsh
Viva la vida G.Berryman, J.Buckland, W.Champion, C.Martin G.Berryman, J.Buckland, W.Champion, C.Martin Jens Johansen
Where I belong Kurt Elling Laurence Hobgood Kerry Marsh
Wolf and I Owen Beverly, Nanna Fabricius Owen Beverly, Nanna Fabricius K.Brodersen, A.Vang-Petersen

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